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The best Biscuits for this sweet is Lady Fingers Biscuits

That's the picture of the Lady Fingers Biscuits

1 - Now Prepare the Cream Mixture which is 2 Packet Philadelphia cheese , if there are Italian Mskrbone cheese that's more better

2 - 2 Packet Dream Web

3 - add all of this content on A quarter cup of water .

4 - add 2 table spoon of coffee grains on Cup water and mixed them on the mixer .

5 - Immerse the biscuits on coffee mixture for a few moments then add over it layer of cheese and cream .

Immerse the biscuits on nescafe for a few moments and put it's last layer on the cream and cheese

Repeat again Beat the biscuits on nescafe for a few moments and put it's last layer on the cream and cheese , repeat that more time as you like .
here i repeat that twice .

Bring Cocoa powder and add thick layer from Cocoa powder on the last layer of cheese mixture

That is The Final shape

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There are no specific amounts, but according to the amount of meat, vegetables and of course the user, as you like, or provide .

1 - Minced meat
2 - 1 Minced Onion
3 - Coriander or parsley as a desire
4 - Few of Minced bread
5 - The 7 Spices
6 - Salt and pepper
7 - oregano
8 - vegetables shaped in circles
9 - A quarter cup of olive oil
10 - 1 Egg

Mix the minced meat with onion , Minced bread , eggs , spices , coriander and constitutes it on Small bulges or small fingers By the desire .

Add Aluminum paper In Chinese bakery then add the vegetables
Add salt and black pepper
Add the spheres of minced meat above
Add olive oil and oregano

Put them on oven until well done

Before entering the furnace

After exit from the oven

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Homing Bread With Minced Meat

Posted by Decork


1 - Minced Meat with the onion and chopped and parsley
2 - 2 Minced tomatoes
3 - Arabian bread
4 - A little of olive oil

Mix the minced Meat with tomatoes, salt and black pepper
Divided the bread into two bread and fill it with the meat but the meat layer must be thin not thick
Flushing out the bread in olive oil

Put it in Chinese and be entering the furnace for five minutes
And never afraid , meat will be well done .

Give a thousand here, and well-being

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1- Number of Chicken according to the number of persons ,Number of onions according to the number of persons but if the amount very huge we will put 3 onion /1 Bread .

2 - Olive oil mix with Corn oil .

3 - Nuts , salt and sumac .

4 - Aromatic bouquet to cook chicken "Full Onion +Hal grains + paper Ghar + cinnamon" .

5 - Tabun Home bread More importantly .


The first thing we add chicken after washing and cleaning well in water on the fire and add a small spoonful of salt and onion , Until we obtain a foam and remove the latter from the chicken .

Note "salt to prevent foam from breaking away in the chicken broth so that the executive would prefer the same well" .

After removing all the foam, add the Aromatic bouquet and leaves on the fire until the chicken well done , In the meantime, take onion in average size and mince it .

Boil the oil then add the onions until it will be Immersed on the oil .

salt to the onion and leaves period of 5 to 10 minutes till wilting , I prefer It is light straw and not Melting more in the oil till do not wast its Taste .

Take from the fire and add a vast amount of sumac and drives well

now We bring the bread

Flushing the bread face with oil and add vast amount of
wilting onions on the bread and distributed it well .

Place it on the furnace Of the upper and lower to take two-sided color and the faces color will be red .

Now chicken well done , placed in a Chinese . Add the little onion, oil and spice sumac as you like .

Placed it to the furnace was also on both sides will be red .

In the meantime,
Liquidate the soup of chicken and put in Suit and add laundered Frickh and close much .

And leaves on the fire to prepare the
Chicken soup , which are indispensable addition to the Warmer Chicken .

The duration of well done not more than quarter of an hour within that we are frying bread and chicken till the soup well done .

Placed bread in a large chicken and decorated with nuts

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Lemon juice and Lemon juice With Mint

Posted by Decork

Lemon juice

We Will Need To :

1- Lemon

2 - Sugar

3 - water

Of course, as the number mount .

And also how prefer lemon or acidic sweetness of the increase .

Wash the lemon well as images and then go and put the amount of sugar

And then by hand pressed the lemon well to bring the largest amount of juice

We are gradually liquidate the lemon and add a little water to cut the lemon and to continue the modernization of the lemon by hand . Thus, to make sure all the amount of lemon extract
Cleared from the seed and makes a thousand well-being .

Lemon juice With Mint

Pressed umbers of lemons and put them in mixer and add to them some amount of sugar and water as you like and securities of other fresh mint

Mixed them in the mixer very well and provides a thousand well-being

Here, The Two Juice Provide With Fresh Lemon

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