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There are no specific amounts, but according to the amount of meat, vegetables and of course the user, as you like, or provide .

1 - Minced meat
2 - 1 Minced Onion
3 - Coriander or parsley as a desire
4 - Few of Minced bread
5 - The 7 Spices
6 - Salt and pepper
7 - oregano
8 - vegetables shaped in circles
9 - A quarter cup of olive oil
10 - 1 Egg

Mix the minced meat with onion , Minced bread , eggs , spices , coriander and constitutes it on Small bulges or small fingers By the desire .

Add Aluminum paper In Chinese bakery then add the vegetables
Add salt and black pepper
Add the spheres of minced meat above
Add olive oil and oregano

Put them on oven until well done

Before entering the furnace

After exit from the oven


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