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Lemon juice and Lemon juice With Mint

Posted by Decork

Lemon juice

We Will Need To :

1- Lemon

2 - Sugar

3 - water

Of course, as the number mount .

And also how prefer lemon or acidic sweetness of the increase .

Wash the lemon well as images and then go and put the amount of sugar

And then by hand pressed the lemon well to bring the largest amount of juice

We are gradually liquidate the lemon and add a little water to cut the lemon and to continue the modernization of the lemon by hand . Thus, to make sure all the amount of lemon extract
Cleared from the seed and makes a thousand well-being .

Lemon juice With Mint

Pressed umbers of lemons and put them in mixer and add to them some amount of sugar and water as you like and securities of other fresh mint

Mixed them in the mixer very well and provides a thousand well-being

Here, The Two Juice Provide With Fresh Lemon


om adam said...

Congratulations on the blog
refreshing Juice mmmmmmm

Summit Crest said...

Thank You Om Adam

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